have all incoming emails from same co. condensed under one name

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Hi, I'm new to outlook, coming from Lotus Notes background. Is there a way I can set up Outlook 2007 so that when I receive emails from several different people at the same co. (IE: whomever@xyz.com) they all come thru to my inbox as: xyz.com?

In other way of putting it; if any email from people at xyz company, can come thru bundled as mail@xyz.com or something like that?

I tried looking up FAQs on Outlook website and searching, but cannot come up with an

easy way of doing it, other than programming.

Can anyone out there help?



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I don't believe you can group emails by domain. What you could do is create a folder for that domain, then setup a rule so that when an email comes in from that domain, you can set the rule to forward it to that folder. I am not sure if there is any other way to do it.
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