Why Cant i send lots of emails from my hotmail in bulk?

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I have a home run business and i have just changed to a hotmail account, i have 2000 people on my database waiting to recieve emails from me but when i have sent the email out only about 500 have gone through where as the others have come back to me with the following message.

These emails i am sending is not SPAM how do i increase the number of emails i can send out?

Thanks for your help!

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Diane Poremsky

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You can't... Hotmail limits the number of messages a new subscriber can send until they gain trusted status... then it raises the limit. I don't think you'll ever be able to send that many messages in one day.

Is this an address with hotmail.com or live.com or is it a domain you own that is hosted at hotmail.com? I highly recommend buying a domain name for your business and hosting it elsewhere (although the hosting microsoft offers is pretty nice - but there are limits) - I know godaddy offers free email accounts (with send limits - i think 250 a day) with domain registrations, or for a few bucks a month, you can get an account with higher limits - or pay for additional SMTP traffic. (Other places may have better plans - i use godaddy for domains so i know their policies.)
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