Is it possible to hide a mailbox but still send on the behalf of.

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Situation: Using Exchange 2007 and Outlook 2003 for majority of staff. This pertains to internal email only.

We have two mailboxes, HelpDesk and AutoHelp

The AutoHelp mailbox is the one we want people to use to open support requests. Mail to AutoHelp automatically generates tickets in our tracking system.

Unfortunately the HelpDesk mailbox came first and the older staff members are stuck in the habit of using it.

The 'on the behalf' HelpDesk address is also used to send out company wide communications.

So we are wondering if it is possible to:

1) Hide the HelpDesk mailbox from the Outlook Address Book. Thus encouraging the use of AutoHelp


2) Still be able to use it as an 'on the behalf' HelpDesk address for communications?

Thank you very much.


Diane Poremsky

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Did you try it? I think it will work. Users will need to type the address in the From field since it won't be in the GAL.

Do you check mail in the HelpDesk mailbox? If you only use the address for sending, you could remove the mailbox and create a contact or dl to use for the Helpdesk address. (You could forward mail to the HelpDesk to the AutoHelp mailbox.)

Another option is setting the mailbox so it can't accept mail - after a few bounces the users might learn. :)
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