Dynamically add recipients using combobox and checkbox?????

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I hope that posting two posts in one night is not a faux-pas in this online community. I do appreciate any and all help that I receive from this bright and wonderful forum!

On to my dilemma...

As my title suggests, I am trying to dynamically add recipients to my "To" field (I would settle for "Cc" too...) on my form with the use of listboxes and checkboxes. I have bound a combobox ("ComboBox1") to a custom value field ("addresses") with three or four email addresses in the Possible Values entry. I want to be able to add multiple recipients by the use of multiple comboboxes and checkboxes, but I can't even get one to work correctly.

In the Value tab for my "To" ("_RecipientControl1") properties, I've set its Initial Value field to "[addresses]", and I have it set to "Calculate this formula automatically".

Thus, when I open the combobox and choose one of the email addresses, it appears in the "To" textbox.

But that is ALL that appears. I can't type in anything else because it just reverts back to the combobox selection. But it doesn't work correctly. The email address shows up in the "To" box, but it doesn't recognize it in the GAL. So when I try to send the form it errors out. Sometimes when I test the form it gives me the AutoComplete button for the address, but then still, it just reverts back to the text and won't send.

I've also tried setting the Initial Value of the _RecipientControl1 to "[To]+"; "[addresses]", but when I do this, obviously, it continuously loops and fills the entire To field with just one address.

Has anybody else dealt with this, and can you help me? Thank you so much for any help!!!

Diane Poremsky

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