deleted items keep reappearing in my deleted folder

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After setting up Outlook 2010, I then set up my google calendar to sync both ways with Outlook. I discovered afterward that many of my appointments are duplicating themselves in the syncing. I deleted most of the duplicates from my outlook calendar, emptied my deleted folder, but the calendar items I deleted keep reappearing in my deleted items folder. It isn't a critical problem, but it is a nuisance. Has anyone else had this problem?

And, yes, I realize now I should have set google sync to one-way first, and allowed the calendars to sync once before reconfiguring to a two-way sync.


Are all duplicating or just some? If some, can you identify a pattern, like all are for a specific date such as 12/31/1979? (That is a known issue - i thought it was fixed in a later build.)

That looks like the problem. All these appointments from my google calendar going into my deleted folder, having the date as 12/31/1979 and the time,. 4 - 4:30 pm.

You need to clear the calendar and resync - from

This is caused by the Google sync tool. Search your Google calendar for the appointments or meeting invitations using the "Search my Calendars" toolbar above Google calendar and delete them. Empty your deleted items folder in Outlook and then sync.

If that doesn't work (or if you have a lot of appointments to delete) the following steps should take care of it for you

1.Move your Outlook calendar to a new folder. Use a List view, select all, then use the Edit, Move to folder command.

2.Delete everything on both calendars.

3.Move your calendar back into Outlook

4.Re-sync to Google calendar
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