Organizer of meeeting options not present on past meetings

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I have one user in my Exchange Server 2007/Outlook 2007 network who swears he is the organizer of several past meetings that he can no longer go back and make changes like the organizer, instead he is presented with the attendee options. He insists he hasn't sent these meeting requests to a distribution list that he was apart of (i thought maybe he had accespted the request thus becoming an attendee) but only to individual people outside our company. I've restarted Outlook and his pc neither helped.Any ideas why this may be happening to this one user?
He's probably right (this time :)) - we've seen similar reports. We don't have a definitive answer as to why it happens but it appears to be caused by corruption in the appointment or possibly by syncing with a smartphone or other device. I'm not aware of anyway to fix it or to restore his organizer status.
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