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Hello, I have set up three email accounts on Outlook 2010, and have four sets of folders on the left hand side. The fourth has the old emails from my last computer. This folder comes up on the list of data files, but not email accounts even though it has an inbox. This folder also appears to have more features and should be the default folder. How can I activate and direct one of my email accounts to this folder?

Thank you.
I think this should be easy, but I am not getting the Change Folder button. It states where the new mail goes, but does not have a way to change it (that I see). Is it because I am using IMAP instead of POP3? I would think it should still be possible. Also when on the data tab, I cannot change the default from the old data file. The three email accounts are listed with the data file, but I cannot change the default. Should it be set to this data file? It is also my (only) profile.

Thanks for the help.
Yes, it is because its IMAP. IMAP accounts are required to have their own folder sets. If you have 3 imap accounts, you need a 4th data file to use for calendar and contacts as imap is email only.
Ok. Then my only issues are that my IMAP accounts don't have junk mail folders and filter the mail, they don't set off the alerts for the computer when I receive mail (I have been to Options and made sure alerts are on), and the home page for Outlook does not recognize these accounts as far as mail goes. Do you know if any of this is fixable, or are these down sides to IMAP?

It's mostly limitations in how outlook handles imap...

Junk mail: server side filtering is always better, but if you download full messages outlook's junk filter should work. In many cases, it doesn't actually work until you select the message. :( Do you have the filter enabled for each imap acct? Select the accounts inbox then look at the junk settings - the settings are per account, not per outlook so you need to do this for each account.

Alerts are an issue - they were broken but there is a hotfix available that enables the envelope in the tray. The desktop alerts won't work though. See for links to two hotfixes that you might find helpful.

home page as in outlook today? if you want to see mail folders, you should be able to select them in Customize Outlook Today.
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