Two strange calender problems in Outlook 2003 ...

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Outlook version
Outlook 2010 32 bit
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Our CEO's department uses the calendar feature of Outlook a lot to schedule staff meetings. The secretaries know how to use Outlook well but they are two experiencing strange problems.

1. Is it possible to either re-send or send an update of a recurring appointment to just ONE of the invitees? A user tried to do that, removing all other invitees from the To: field, but the update still went to all the original invitees (who were in a GAL-based distribution list).

2. One of our users (user X) created a new, once-off appointment and selected 2-3 people (users A, B and C) from the GAL as invitees. User A accepted the appointment immediately. Later on, user X changed the appointment to a new date, and sent an update. User A accepted the update BUT it now appears in their calendar twice - once on the old date and once on the new date.

We're using Outlook 2003 (latest SP) and Exchange 2003. Some users have PDAs connected to their mailboxes using Exchange ActiveSync.

I asked these questions on the MS forums but didn't get much help.


- Alan.


Outlook version
Outlook 2010 32 bit
Email Account
Exchange Server
Thanks a lot Diane, much appreciated. And if you have the time to locate any hotfix that would be great.
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