outlook calendar publish to webdav

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Outlook 2010 64 bit
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I am publishing my outlook calendar to webdav server with webdav server being Sharepoint portal (in a sharepoint custom list that I created) and till there everything works fine. When I add a new meeting in the outlook calendar I can see that it is synched with Sharepoint because a new version is created.

My Colleauge opened my published calendar from the link on Sharepoint and that opened fine. However he is not getting the updates that I do on the calendar.

Now what I notice is that when the calendar is published the link is "webcal" however in shareoint the link is "http". It seems that when my colleague opens the link it downloads the calendar as a one time but does not subscribe to updates

Is it actually possible to synch the calendar updates from my Outlook to the Sharepoint and to another user that has my shared calendar?
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