Can't close Personal Folders after switching to Exchange 2010

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We were running POP3 email up until recently, when we (finally) upgraded to Exchange 2010 sp1. I added my Exchange account, then went into Data Files and removed my personal folder files. However, in my folder list, there is still a listing for "Personal Folders." If I try to right click it and "Close", I get an error "The operation failed. An object could not be found." There are no pst files in use. Somehow it just seems to be slight corrupted. Any suggestions on how to get rid of this pesky thing? I'm thinking I'll have to recreate my mail profile?

Thanks in advance.
The program is probably trying to remove a data file PST in a location the location that does not exist anymore.

I would create a temp PST with the exact name of that data file and place it in the location as pointed in outlook.

Then, attempt to remove that data file from outlook.
it could mean the profile is corrupt... but first, i would close Outlook and go into Control panel, search for mail and see if you can remove the pst file from there. You can try pepe's suggestion while in there.

See for information on ghost psts - try michaels method to remove it if its not listed in control panel mail.
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