Outlook 2003 does not send or receive imap mail from server

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I've had to rebuild my mail server which was on a Suse Linux Enterprise Server v10 SP2 using postfix and imap. This was sending mail to my desktop Outlook 2003 account and my iPhone, all was sweet, until the HDD crashed and burned on the server.

After rebuilding the server again and installing SLES, postfix and imap, I can see mail coming back in the server and the mail being delivered to the /home/user/Maildir location. However, Outlook is not displaying the mail and from the logs it looks like it does not recognize the mailbox.
I've done a complete install of a new account and it still is not working. I've got several pst files some as large as 470MB and some as small as 256KB.

What I would like to do is connect the large pst file to the imap account. When I right mouse click on the Inbox file in the navigation window, the file does not appear to be a IMAP folder, and it has the file name of Outlook.pst which is one of the large files. Yet it does not show, any files.

I'm really at a lost of how I can bring back my imap e-mail, and folders, also how to get the files to show up in the viewing windows.

This is an output of the logging I have enabled on the outlook client.

Microsoft Internet Messaging API 6.00.2900.6109 (xpsp_sp3_gdr.110502-1724)
IMAP Log started at 06/26/2011 08:51:30
IMAP: 08:51:30 [db] Connecting to '' on port 143.
IMAP: 08:51:30 [db] OnNotify: asOld = 0, asNew = 4, ae = 0
IMAP: 08:51:30 [db] OnNotify: asOld = 4, asNew = 5, ae = 2
IMAP: 08:51:30 [db] OnNotify: asOld = 5, asNew = 5, ae = 4
IMAP: 08:51:30 [db] OnNotify: asOld = 5, asNew = 5, ae = 3
IMAP: 08:51:30 [rx] * OK mmtlnx Cyrus IMAP4 v2.2.12 server ready
IMAP: 08:51:30 [tx] kwmb CAPABILITY
IMAP: 08:51:30 [db] OnNotify: asOld = 5, asNew = 5, ae = 3
IMAP: 08:51:30 [rx] kwmb OK Completed
IMAP: 08:51:30 [tx] LOGIN command sent
IMAP: 08:51:31 [db] OnNotify: asOld = 5, asNew = 5, ae = 3
IMAP: 08:51:31 [rx] qe7l OK User logged in
IMAP: 08:51:31 [tx] 87te IDLE
IMAP: 08:51:31 [db] OnNotify: asOld = 5, asNew = 5, ae = 3
IMAP: 08:51:31 [rx] + idling
IMAP: 08:51:31 [tx] DONE
IMAP: 08:51:31 [db] OnNotify: asOld = 5, asNew = 5, ae = 3
IMAP: 08:51:31 [rx] 87te OK Completed
IMAP: 08:51:31 [tx] wm76 LSUB "" "*"
IMAP: 08:51:31 [db] OnNotify: asOld = 5, asNew = 5, ae = 3
IMAP: 08:51:31 [rx] * LSUB () "." "INBOX"
IMAP: 08:51:31 [rx] wm76 OK Completed (0.000 secs 2 calls)
IMAP: 08:51:31 [tx] ozc9 IDLE
IMAP: 08:51:31 [db] OnNotify: asOld = 5, asNew = 5, ae = 3
IMAP: 08:51:31 [rx] + idling
IMAP: 08:52:16 [tx] Dropping connection, LOGOUT sent
IMAP: 08:52:16 [db] Connection to '' closed.
IMAP: 08:52:16 [db] OnNotify: asOld = 5, asNew = 0, ae = 5
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