My Contacts Folder has disappeared. How do I restore it?

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I have Outlook 2007 and used my Contacts Folder often. It was displayed above my Inbox as always. However, I noticed recently that the folder is gone from the list. When I touch the "To" button on a new message, it displays the list of contacts, so no problem there. However, I open the Contacts folder to read, add and edit information in the listings there. How can I restore the Contacts folder to my folders list? Though I use Outlook all day at work and at home, you can probably guess I have a limited understanding of how this works, so please be patient if as a more savvy person, you find this a rather simple issue. :confused:
Press Ctrl+6 - do you see the missing folders? (You are probably viewing the Mail module right now.)
Dear Catherized ~ thank you so much, worked like a charm! :D :eek: I knew it had to be that simple...but didn't know where to look and even Microsoft Online didn't refer to this scenario.
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