set deafult view in public folder for all users from outlook 2010 64bit

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Hi all,

Looking for help to set default view for the public folder for all users from outlook 2010 64bit. In outlook 2003, there was administration tab from where you can set the default view of the folder for all the users. There was option called " Initial view on Folder" and you can choose your view like by category or by subject or customised category you created from view | Current View | Define View.

But in outlook 2010, it allows to create new view from the view tab on the ribbon | go to change view and manage views. Here you can create your view. When you select new it prompts "Can be used on" and I selected This folder, visible to everyone. Then I set the view and publish the view. When you publish, it prompts "Are you sure you want to publish the view "name" ? You changes will be visible to all users of this folder"

After I gave time to synchorise, I can see other users have view under change view tab on outlook 2010 but it does not force other users the view I selected. I would like to know as administrator how can I force or set the view of particular public folder to all default users who has only reveiwer access.

Thanks in advance.
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