The messaging interface has returned an unknown error

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I am getting the following error message with outlook 2010:
T"he messaging interface has returned an unknown error
. If the problem persists, restart. Outlook."

I added another mailbox for my manager (inbox, sent, delete and calender) to my outlook and I have full permission to his mailbox, and I am have permission as delegate when I try to go my calendar and try to book a resources(meeting rooms) on his behave in his calendar in my outlook, I get the above error and it does book the resource and if I go to the the that resource I see the everything is fine but it wont show the booking the in his mailbox.

As I mention I am runing outlook 2010 and installed the SP1 and still the same room, I run this patch:

"Alter Calendar Lang"=dword:00000409
"Alter Calendar Type"=dword:00000001

I have no look, also our exchange server is 2003, it works with outlook 2003, thanks

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