problem resending mails with 2 different pst of 2 different emails.

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dear every one, let me explain you my problem.

i am using outlook 2007.

i have got 2 pst files in my outlook. for 2 different companies.

for eg. abc co. and xyz co. and

i have set up 2 pst files in outlook with the above company names. and also have given the path for data files differently. like emails of abc will come to abc pst. and emails of xyz will come to xyz pst.

now abc pst is first on the outlook and xyz pst is second on the outlook.

now when i make fresh mail and send it , the mail goes proper to its corresponding sent items.

but the problem is when i resend the mails from sent items .

say for eg. as xyz is the second on outlook , if i resend any mail from the sent items of xyz pst. then normally the message shd go in the sent items of xyz pst. but instead it goes to sent items of abc pst.

this problem is only while resending.

if you make a fresh mail and send it it works properly , when you forward the mails it works properly. it goes to the proper folder of the of sent items of respective pst.

can any one help me for this problem.

Not open for further replies.