Attachments cannot be opened in Outlook, OWA works fine

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Outlook version
Outlook 2007
Email Account
Exchange Server
I have 2 users who suddenly started having issues with accessing attachments. One user is on Windows 7 with Outlook 2007, the other is on XP with Outlook 2003. However the problem is the same. A third party has sent them an email with a PDF attachment. The message has the proper size showing in the message list, usually 3-6MB. But if you open the email, there are no attachments visible. If you go to File, Save Attachments, nothing happens. If they forward the messages to me, I have the same problem. But, if I open OWA and view the message, the attachment is there, I can right click, and Save Target to my Desktop. If I create a new mail and send them the attachment, they can see it OK.

I checked the Secure Temp folder location, there are some files there, but not more than 20 or so files. What could be the problem? I wonder if the recent Office updates from Microsoft caused this issue?
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