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First I am a newb (there may exist a better way to do this)

I am trying to understand how connectors work

I have a pop3 "mail.mydomain.com"

I want to switch over to an exchange server "mail2.mydomain.com" for about 20 of the 200 users (this will probably be temporary - a few months or up to a year.)

everyone is in the same domain

My intial stab is to forward mail from mail.mydomain.com to mail2.mydomain.com only for those certain accounts by setting the properties on the mailbox to forward to mail2... (this is working) I can now receive mail for the 20 or so mailboxes. When I try to send mail however I get an error message from "mail2" saying the user account does not exist on this server. It doesn't so how can I forward mail from mail2 to mail in the same domain space, mail2 thinks it is the server to handle the request.? Also The "mail" server is hosted elsewhere, not in my DMZ. DNS works though as both servers see each other and route accordingly.

I think you are doing it backwards.

Are you using a hosted Exchange account (including Office 365) or running your own Exchange server? You'll have a little more flexability with your own exchange but it can be done with a hosted account too.
By backwards...you mean? ( I do appreciate the response, I need to figure out how to do it. If there is another way I am all ears.)

So the simplest way to state this is I am doing a migration from POP3 to exchange 2007. Rather than "all or nothing" since I am only involving 20 or so accounts initially, I am looking to create a send connector which forwards all email from Exchange (mail2) to Pop3 (mail) which technically is the same as sending email as if I am anyone on the internet sending me email.

Right now what happens is my exchange email server (mail2) is claiming email from mydomain.com as if it is authoritative over "mydomain.com", really it should just forward it to the internet.

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