Outlook could help move messages to their usual folder

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How I would like Outlook to move mail into folders

Ok, I’m not an Outlook power user. And perhaps my needs are unusual…but maybe not. First of all, I keep all emails I get from and send to several hundred individuals and companies. I have a folder for each individual and each company. But it’s taking too much time to move each message into its appropriate folder. This is especially aggravating when Outlook could be doing most of the work for me.
Here’s how I would like it to work: Whenever I move a message to a folder, Outlook would keep track of the ‘From’; if I’m the ‘From’ (as would be the case on a CC to myself on a reply), it would keep track of the ‘To’. So imagine a long list with two columns: A name (individual or company) and a folder name.
Each time I point to ‘move’, Outlook would refer to this list; if it finds the ‘From’ name (or the ‘To’ name if I’m the ‘From’ name) in the list, then at the top of the list of recently used folders would appear the corresponding folder name from the list…and that item would be highlighted. All I would have to do is left click to move the message to its usual folder.
I’d be delighted to learn that this feature already exists in Outlook 2010 or that it is available via some add-in to Outlook 2010.

Diane Poremsky

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Well, I know Outlook can't do anything like that. Addins like NEO or ClearContext might meet your needs, although I don't think they can sort mail in the exact manner you desire. They can fil it by the From address (and probably the to for messages you send). In addition, Outlook can file replies in the older with the message you reply to. That setting is in File, Options - Mail.

Outlook is a database, not a "flat" file system that needs a complicated filing system. We don't recommend heavy filtering - we recommend using fewer folders and search or custom views to view mail in place.

Nick Klemz

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Re: Outlook could help move messages to their usual folder - I can help!

If you want to file your emails into file system folders as msg files then our eFiler add-in toolbar does exactly what you are asking for and also has a very powerful search tool so you can find emails in the file system and work with them as though they are still in Outlook.

This means no more corrupt pst files, no more hitting Mailbox size limits, and no more frantic sorting and scrolling to find emails. In a corporate environment it also means that everyone is filing emails into network locations where they can be seen by all users (Windows permissions permitting). Works with Exchange, POP, and IMAP accounts.

There's a no obligation 30 day trial available and we are also offering a free seat (single user licence) to each organisation that asks for one. (T&C apply).
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