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In BCM, I having an issue with the Accounts section of BCM:

  • The Accounts portion of the program is not loading, this includes the Business Projects, Opportunities, Project Tasks, etc. You click on Accounts, the basic contact view or list comes up
  • Also Outlook BCM is running very slow!

I have run Office Diagnostics.. Did not help! I have other issues, but these are the most pressing.

Re: Accounts not loading or showing Update!!!!!!!!!!!

I really need some help here!!!! BCM is not loading the main account form. If you make a new account, the form that comes up is a normal Outlook contact form; I have tried the following:

1) I have un-installed Office and reloaded the whole suite. No change!

2) I have even made a new profile... No change!

It seems the the default account form is gone... 2007 Outlook BCM has now lost its functionality as a CRM.

So I need some help here...
Re: Accounts not loading or showing Update!!!!!!!!!!!

I am still searching for way to get BCM functioning, I have all the updates installed and I have re-installed it. I have been looking for a solution for three months at various forums.I was a Goldmine user for over twenty-years, the BCM program I thought was a solution when Goldmine left the single-user behind.

The BCM worked fine initially; but as time went on, things started going south. I am running Win 7 Pro with Office 7 suite which includes Outlook/BCM. As it stand now, the Account section of BCM is just Outlook contact list and the other BCN functions do not work, throws up error messages or crashes the program. I am also running Google apps with Outlook to communicate with my corporate mailbox.

Anyone having a suggestion.. Please post!
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