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This is probably going to sound really weird. Does anyone know why this would be occurring?

There are a few keys when I press writing emails, they don't work. "h" is one of them. What makes it that much weirder is that uppercase "H" does work! Any thoughts? This is when writing emails, and of course it does work fine in other apps. Thanks in advance.
Does anything happen when you try the lower h? I've had problems where keys didn't work but it's my recollection that it was in all apps - to fix my non-working 0, I had to reinstall Windows - I tried deleting the keyboard drivers and it did not fix it. In my case, I could type ) but not 0 - it was a laptop and an external board worked fine.

If it's a USB board, plugging it into a new USB port might reload the driver. Otherwise, test the board on another computer to rule out board problems.
Thanks much for the reply and comments. I ended up disabling a couple addins, and restarting Outlook for that to take effect, which cleared it up. However, it occurred to me that I had not restarted Outlook in a while after I did that. Now I am wondering if it is possible something as simple as that would have "fixed" it. Not sure why I didn't think to try that before anything else. Anyway, I'm all set now. It's sort of embarrassing to think how long I "put up with it" (typing in notepad and copying/paste back into Outlook, etc.) before even doing that. :/
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