External Mtg Invitees have =SMTP: added to email address after mtg saved

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I have a sparadic issue of Outlook adding "=STMP:" to all my external meeting invitees after the meeting has been setup and saved. I say sparadic because it does not happen to every meeting but when it does, it happens to all external mtg invitees. My original meeting request is delivered without a problem. I am only aware of the problem if I need to send email with Reply All using meeting request or need to update the meeting request. If I update mtg request, I must delete the bogus invitee info and re-add the invitee, from my Contacts. Usually this results in 2 versions of same mtg request, with same time stamp, requiring me to save both versions before I can save updated request. One time I deleted what I thought was the bad version of mtg request and ended up deleting the whole request from just my calendar. All my meeting request invitees are housed in my Contacts and their email address in the Contacts field looks fine.

Today I deleted all email address in AutoComplete with the leading "=SMTP:". Maybe that will help but I'd still like to know why it happened?
I am not aware of Contacts being loaded in AD. I'm only a user and not well versed on our Exchange or AD set up. For every project I add a new Contact folder and add my external project contacts to that folder. In the Contact item I do change field "Display As" to Last Name [space] First Name [space] Work.
If they were in the GAL, they would be in the AD.

The display as shouldn't affect this - but something is causing exchange to identify the address as smtp. Try repairing the office install.
Are the external addresses set up as contacts in the AD?

You can try going to in Tools, Account settings, select the account and click Repair. It works for some, not for others.


I just saw your reply while searching for something else. "Are the external addresses set up as contacts in AD?". Do all external contacts need to be in AD as contact objects to be able to send email to them from Outlook either directly or from a Distribution List?


No, that is not a requirement. In the specific problem in this thread, Exchange is known to add the smtp tag under certain conditions and versions of exchange, which is why the question. In recent versions, lync was the culprit when smtp was added to the address.
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