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hi All,

i am working in BPO org. my team guys will publish reports to clients using outlook 2007. i want to track output mail sent time and input mails received time and mail sender name.

i was doing it by simply copy the mailbox items and paste in Excel for further analysis(Tracking, team metrics, etc) - it worked well when our team guys publish the report from their mail box.

Now our client want all the mails from one generic mail box. we introduced a shared mail box and instructed our guys to use the same for report publish. now i can track sent and received time

but i couldn't track who send the mail...

plz help me to solve this pblm..


They are sending from the generic mailbox? If you use Send on behalf of permissions instead of send as, you can do it - otherwise Outlook just sees the generic mailbox. They'd need to do something you could look for - signature with their name or a custom field, code in the subject etc.
In thinking about this more - I think i would use VBA to automatically assign a category to messages they reply to (and to the sent message). I don't have code handy to do this and I'm on vacation this week, but I'll try and put something together when I have time.

There is a macro at Sending Categories on Email Messages - Slipstick Systems that brings up the category dialog when composing messages. It's a start but is not automatic.
Thanks Diane Poremsky !..

they need to send from generic mail box, not on behalf of.. and i guess categories option wont work for my situation bcz client may reject it.. i wanna go with searching a signature text in sent mail.

usually i will get the all this information by copy paste items to excel after i archive mails to my .pst folder. (Actually i got this idea from your website post only.. Thanks for that too.. )..

so now i want to read the signature of mails in my .pst folder.. can you help me to do it?..

i am in intermediate state with excel VBA but am just a beginner in outlook VBA. can you guide me with useful books n links..

Thanks again..


I usually recommend to learn - plus books by Sue Mosher or Randy Byrne.

Quick version - use instant search, not VBA. In the search field, type the following, where keyword is the word in the signature you want to find

contents:keyword. If you want to get everything at once, use VBA to find the keyword and add a value to a field.

A quickie code sample is at Assign a keyword to a message - Slipstick Systems - it looks for a keyword and if found, adds the user name to the Billing Information field.
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