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The calendar in Outlook 2007 suddenly does not open. Email, contacts, etc work well. I used Diagnostics, which showed no problem, I scanned the PST file and it found errors in 47 folders, which it repaired. However, Outlook still freezes when I want to use calendar. I have created a new Outlook Profile and the calendar function works well!! In conclusion, I guess I have a problem with the calendar function in my current Outlook Profile and the problem does not seem to lie with the Outlook PST File. What can you recommend me to do next in order to address this problem? Should I transfer the PST File to my new profile? If so, how do I do that best?
In the new profile, open the old pst using file, open, data file and see if it works.

In the old profile, does the entire calendar navigation pane freeze or just the calendar day, week, month part? Have you tried resetting the view or restarting outlook with the Cleanviews switch?
In the new profile, open the old pst using file, open, data file and see if it works.

In the old profile, does the entire calendar navigation pane freeze or just the calendar day, week, month part? Have you tried resetting the view or restarting outlook with the Cleanviews switch?

Thank you Diane for your response.

In the old profile, I am not able to get into the day,week,month view. Outlook freezes as soon as I press the 'Calender' tab. I have not reset the Outlook view. I have restarted Outlook with cleanviews and cleanreminders, but it has not helped.

Please assist me with opening the old pst file in the new profile. I went to File, Open, Outlook Data File. It brings up a window called 'Open Outlook Data File'. I click on the pst file and then the 'OK' tab. The window with 'Open Outlook Data File' disappears and nothing happens. There is no contact, calender, etc. data in my new profile. Am I doing something wrong?

Hmmm. It should work - you select the pst and the window closes, the folders in the pst are added to the profile. Unless the data fle is corrupt or you are loading the wrong (an empty) pst.
In actual fact, it has now loaded Tasks, but NOT the Calendar and Contacts. I believe I have identified the right pst file, as it is well over 10GB and there are hardly any other choices.
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