Changing "from" address when sending email

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Outlook 2010 32 bit
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Exchange Server

I have two emails configured on my exchange side, and We have a rule on exchange that any emails received by exchange will add a recipient in the To field, which is

So all emails sent to will also be sent to Which works by the way. The question however, is it possible to change the "From" address when I reply to those emails from, and change it to

In this way people who send email to will also get a reply from, but in reality it will be sent from

We are not using outlook to receive or send emails, we have an application (for helpdesk) that does this job and it doesn't have the option of selecting "From" address.

I hope this makes sense. Thanks in advance.
not sure it will work in your situation, but if you could BCC the mail to the English address, it might use the language address for the reply, but it's also possible that won't work if you are using different mailboxes. Plus the app you are using for replies may affect it as well.

I'd have to look over the transport rules - it might be possible if there is a way to identify the messages (keywords in the body etc.)
Thanks for the reply, but this will not work as our application only checks the address in the "To" field. Only English address is configured in our application and it will not capture that email unless English address is there in the "To" field..

Is there a way we can do a send on behalf automatically from the exchange side.

I know in outlook we can do this by selecting a "From:" address manually. But can this be done automatically??

No, to the best of my knowledge, you can't do a send on behalf from the server, alt least not using native features. There might be some way to do it using scripts.
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