Including a Public Calendar as a Meeting Recipient

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Outlook version
Outlook 2010 64 bit
Email Account
Exchange Server
Does anyone know if there is a way to include a PUBLIC (not shared) calendar as a recipient of a meeting you are trying to organize? For example, I want to invite:

Bob Smith

Mary Green

Joe Brown


Midwest Area Calendar

I don't want to simply copy the meeting to the public calendar as it will not update if the meeting changes or gets cancelled.

Any help would be appreciated.
Yes, it's possible but requires the public calendar be mail-enabled.

A couple of ways to check - Right click on the calendar and choose Properties. Is there a link to add the address to contacts?

In the Gal, choose Public folders - is it listed?

If it's not mail-enabled, the admin will need to enable it on the server.
It is NOT mail enabled (per your instructions to check). Are there specific instructions on how to "Mail Enable" a Public Calendar?
What version of Exchange?

I have instructions here Mail-enable Exchange Public Folders - Slipstick Systems

You can also use a powershell in either 2010 or 2007 -

Enable-MailPublicFolder -Identity "\Midwest Area Calendar"

BTW, if the calendar is under a folder - like

All Public Folders
- Calendars
-- Region
--- Midwest Area Calendar

you'd use the path under app public folders:

Enable-MailPublicFolder -Identity "\Calendars\Region\Midwest Area Calendar"
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