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Hey all, I'm hoping someone can give me the straight info on a few things about Outlook. First, I've had a blue-screen-of-death and as I'm trying to import my .pst files from my back up folder, there seems to be 21 of them: 5 "Outlooks", 5 "Archives", and various other files labelled as such: etc. (names removed for privacy purposes). Now I have three email accounts that work out of Outlook, so I get that there would be several files relating directly to those three, however, there's more than one per account. I've attempted to import all of them, and noticed that i've only got MOST of my original email folders back, but some are missing from one of the accounts in particular. Trying to find info on line is taking forever to sift through, so, finally, here are my questions:

1) Is there a way to know which .pst file is the one I need that has the most recent back up of all my folders ("date modified" doesn't help as it changes as soon as you touch the friggin' thing!).

2) Is there a way to amalgamate all the superfluous files?

Please help before I cause this thing another, more permanent blue-screen-of-death! (seriously, any help will be appreciated).


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The pst # should be higher for newer pst files. For example, Outlook.pst was the original, outlook1.pst was created later, either in a new profile or because the old one wasn't accessible.

With 3 email accounts you should have no more than 3 pst files, 4 if all 3 are imap. The files named imap@emailaddress*.pst are copies of your imap server. All of those can be deleted. The newest Outlook*.pst files is probably the default pst file for your accounts - you can open each one in the profile to see which appears to have the newest data and delete the older ones. The archive files may have different data in each one. Open them in Outlook and see what is in them - maybe import into one pst so you dont have so many.

Any pst file of 256KB is empty.


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Outlook 2010 32 bit
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I don't have something reliable for point number 1, but have something for point number 2. You need to amalgamate all the superfluous files, right? You must try these steps:

  1. First open Microsoft Outlook.
  2. Now open those superfluous files in your profile. (Go to File > Open > Outlook Data File. Then, click on OK).
  3. Get all the opened PST files in a single System folder.
  4. Make a PST file your base file into which you will combine other PST files.
  5. Now open the main file (which you made the base file) by clicking on File > Open > Outlook Data File. Open other files in the same way.
  6. All opened files will be shown in the navigation bar. Expand them.
  7. Move the items from the expended files to the opened file (base file). For example, it you want to move the Contacts, right click on it and select Move Contacts.
  8. A windows will open. Select the opened file and then, Contacts. Now click on OK.

This does not require any third-party software help. All it requires time and technical knowledge.
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Why don't you set backup of PST files in auto mode so that MS Outlook create backup of PST files after regular interval of time by following below written steps
:( For this you have to download MS add ins)

  1. Start Outlook.
  2. On the Ribbon, click the Add-ins tab.
  3. Click the Backup button.
  4. Click Options and select the .pst files that you want to back up.

And the answer for your second question is already answered. But if you want to make the whole process complete flawlessly then try out Sys2Tools PST merge tool. Assuring easy and quicker way to manage and amalgamate PST files.
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