bulk add categories / with fixed colours / select multiple categories on a not

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Hi I have a couple of questions.

I've been looking through google, slipstick and other locations be so far I haven't even found out if it's possible or not so I'm hoping you can help. I am migrating categories from archived emails in a public folder from OL2003, they are not in a master list.

1. I have 3000 categories of 8 digits, 600 of 6 digits and and 200 of 4 digits. It is easy enough for me to get the lists together in a comma-separated file however the category field in contact area only allows for 252 characters. Is there another way to get these added as I can only do 27 at a time?

2. I want to set colours so that all the 3000 are blue, all the 600 red and all the 200 green. Without going into each one individually and changing the colour how is this possible?

3. Once created, I need to share the master list with other people. I can add the categories to a note, put it in the public area, they can pull it out and update their cats. Simple...however... as you can see I have a lot of categories. How can I select all cats to add to a note/message/contact/anything? At the moment I can only see that I have to select each one individually.


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Re: bulk add categories / with fixed colours / select multiple categories on a

Have you seen Create a list of color categories and merge or restore the list using VBA - Slipstick Systems

That VBA uses a format of AddCategory "category", 17, 0 - it should be fairly easily to create this list for each category using Excel - the 17 is a color, so it would be the same for each group (but I forget what color 17 represents. :))

That said, I thought Outlook had a limit on the # of categories - and that it was well under 3600.
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