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Hi All,

I know this thread is over a year old since the last post, but I have been reading about utilising BCM for Outlook 2013 (and 2010) on SQL 2012 both here an elsewhere on the Internet (with lots of additional comments by Diane and others). We utilise a SQL Express store for some other data and it would be ideal if we could simple create a new instance on this SQL store to BCM data. Of course, the store is running SQL 2012. I would rather have bother the remote and local SQL instance running at the same version so I thought I would add my experiences.

I thought that I would install a local copy of SQL Express 2012 (64 bit) to see what would happen. This was on a new OS install (Windows 7 64 bit) with a fresh copy of Office 2013 (32 bit) and no previous SQL installed (as the intention is to create a base image I can apply to multiple laptops). The Default installation (even if you create an instance name of 'MSSMLBIZ') did NOT work. The reason being that the account that SQL instance starts under by default is an NT SERVICE account called 'MSSQL$MSSMLBIZ'. Whilst a user profile is created in the 'Users' directory for 'MSSQL$MSSMLBIZ', I could not find or add this 'user' to the sercurity properties of the folder, as such when you go to create a database you see an error "unable to create database".

Following the documentation here (Troubleshoot database operations in Business Contact Manager) it seems as though you then need to add read and write access for the account that starts the SQL 'MSSMLBIZ' instance to the 'C:\Users\[username]\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Business Contact Manager' folder but I couldn't add 'NT Service\MSSQL$MSSMLBIZ' to the security properties of the folder (I did NOT try to add the 'SERVICE' account to the security properties of this folder, so I'm not sure if adding this would have worked). Anyhow, I then uninstalled SQL 2012 instance, removed the instance folders and started again but this time using the advice as shown above from 'Forum Admin' and where I was asked during the installation which account I wanted to run the SQL instance, I chose this time 'Network Service'. I then added the 'Network Service' to the security properties of the above folder and hey presto, a database could be created and manipulated without issue.

Now the tricky part, as I am trying to create a base image for our laptops which we can then apply to re-purpose them as required, so the user that may log into the machine will not have the C:\Users\[username]\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Business Contact Manager' setup. I think I should be able to add this folder to the Default Profile with the correct permissions in place, so that when a user logs in for the first time, they will be able to create a database as required. Yes, they will connect to a remote database, but this will have an offline store and of course, it is useful to have the sample database (or test database) setup as well.

Of course, SQL 2014 is now out and I assume that you will require a similar work around.


You need to install the correct version of BCM to match the version of Outlook you have. There are different versions for 32-bit and 64-bit versions of Office.
I am having difficulty installing BCM 2013 against MS Office 2013 under Windows 10.

I had Outlook 2010 and BCM 2010 installed but I need to upgrade to 2013 to access a database created on my work PC now that my employer has decided to migrate to Office 365 and push me to Outlook 2016 without warning :-(

My machine tells me it is a 32-bit O/S, x64-based processor.

I am assuming that the correct version of Office is x86 and that the correct version of BCM is therefore also x86... have I got that correct?

I have got Office 2013 installed OK but when I install BCM (which I have downloaded - the BCM2010-BCMSetup-x86-en-US file of 377,592 KB) the installation appears to complete OK but when I open Outlook there's no mention of BCM in the Add-ins, there is no mention of BCM in Control Panel>Programs and Features, nor is there any mention of BCM in the C/Program Files/Microsoft. But when I try reinstalling BCM it tells me that it is already installed!

Could my problems relate to having an old version of SQL Server i.e. not the one mentioned in the post above? Unfortunately I don't know how to tell what version of SQL Server I have installed because I don't know how to run it and do an "about" to find out. From Control Panel>Programs & Features it would appear to be 2008 though.

I would uninstall and reinstall but I can't uninstall BCM because it isn't in the Programs & Features list even though the BCM installer thinks it is on the machine.

Can anyone help point me in the right direction?
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