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Thanks very much. As a reminder, just need the full code and where to put it. Not just pointing me someplace.

PS, you gave me those perfect macros that are a huge part of my system, which is why you are the best still!!
Any update re timing by any chance?? I still need the code from you!!:)
I'm finishing up the review on my book and need to get that done before i will have time to dive into this. It's not like macros where I can pull pieces off my site and throw something together that works - I don't have much in the line of custom forms samples to pull from and haven't done any serious forms programming like this is 10 years.
i will. It will make a good programming article if i can get it working.
Thanks much. It will make a huge difference to how I am setting things up and will be very very helpful as soon as you can. And as a reminder, when you set up the first Task and the Textboxes get the value from the comoboxs form the contact that is assigned to the Task, when you change the value of the comobox, then it automatically changes the related TextBox. I do look forward to you doing this as soon as possible.:)
In addition, I think it makes sense to tell you/remind you of two things:

First, if I am just designing my Contact form and I add a Textbox to the Contact form, and under Properties, Value, Choose a Field, I choose the same field of a Combobox in the Contact form, when I run the form, whatever I use in the droplist of the Combobox, ie, the phrase I pick that is part of the Potential Value, that same phrase automatically is in the new Textbox. So using the Task form and adding the Textbox, and since the bottom of the Task I create as Assigned to a Contact, the link to that contact is at the bottom of the Task, could there simply be macro that when I create the new Task assigned to the Contact, the macro when I run it or automatically runs, identifies the Contact, the Field in the Contact that is the same of the Combobox in the Contact, and then puts it in the Textbox of the Task?

Secondly, the major macros from the past you gave me identify the contact that I click on or highlight in the list of contacts, and it automatically adds the email address to the email that I am creating (using a template re the email), so can there be a macro that just identifies the Contact to which the Task is assigned and then identify the field(s) of the contact and to put them in the specific Textboxes of the Task?

Hope that helps you get this done for me as soon as soon as you can!

Thanks much.
And in addition, someone told me the following but it is not clear to me how to find the data from the Combobox and put it as the data for the Textbox. Here is what he said:

"monitor the PropertyChange or CustomerPropertyChange event (depending on whether

the control is bound to a default field or a custom one), then read the source

field's data and write it to the destination field"

I each of my fields are custome.
And I want to mention that it is the data from the Combobox in the Contact to which the Task is assigned to.
Any possible help this week??

Thanks so much !!
Not sure, I need to rewrite a chapter or two this week. :( I planned to work on it over the weekend but out of town guests surprised us and I got nothing done. :(:(
Got it. I do appreciate you doing it as soon as you can, as it heavily updates what I have to do!!

Thank you very much!!
Still waiting on you but had some simple thought from someone that whatever the code is, you put in the script of the form of the contact, so when you assign the contact to the Task, it adds the comobobox values of each one to the specific Textbox in the Task form. And will still wait to hear back from you.
I'm just getting back online after a long power outage. :( I'll try and take a look at it tonight once i get caught up.
I worked on it for a couple of hours and can't figure out how to do it. The problem is in passing the variables to another object (the task form)
Thanks for your time. Have a thought to mention just in case you think it's another way to do it. Earlier, the macro you created for me, was to identify the email template I wanted to use and start the email, and then from the contact that was opened or identified thru the folder, it added to the email form the email address of the contact to the "To" area. So can there be macro that identifies the Task form to create the Task that is assigned to the contact (just like starting the email template to create the email), and then from the Contact to which it is assigned, the values/variables of a specific Combobox (that has it's own the field) adds the value (which is the words from the droplist decided in the contact) to the a specific Textbox that is part of the Task form?
Here is the new stuff for you to see and maybe you know how to fix it. That would be wonderful!!

In the form of the Contact, the firstcombobox that I want to get the value from to the Textbox in the Assigned Taskof a contact, has the Display Name: "ComboBox7" and theField that was created relative to ComboBox7, is: "Advisory Area"

And the Textbox in the form of the Taskform, is “Textbox20” and not with any field as a part of it.

Here is the code I was given. I put it in a new Module and created thecommandbotton to it as the macro, and then I ran it, and the debug shows upwith the yellow color of the line: “Str=Item.GetInspector.ModifiedFormPages("General").Controls("ComboBox7").Value”

Sub CommandButton1_Click()

Dim Str

Dim myItem

Str =Item.GetInspector.ModifiedFormPages("General").Controls("ComboBox7").Value

Set myItem =Application.CreateItemFromTemplate("C:\Users\Louis\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Templates\TaskFollow-Up Template.oft")


myItem.GetInspector.ModifiedFormPages("P.2").Controls("TextBox20").Value= Str

'MsgBox Str

End Sub

I read thru the above code I was given and it seems that it basically is that the "myitem" is the Task template and the TextBox20 which is a part of the "P.2" gets its value from the "Str". And the "Str" line is the error line. I looked at the form of the contact and the first page of the form, the tab is "General" and then refers to the ComboBox7.

So is there a way, if this is the only problem, to refer to the Value of the ComboBox7 in the "Str" so it goes to the "myitem" TextBox20 area?

Thanks much.
'myitem' is the current item - aka itself. The tab name is referenced.

So its failing on this line:

myItem.GetInspector.ModifiedFormPages("P.2").Controls("TextBox20").Value= Str

What is the error message? Add debug.print (then check the immediate windows) or msgbox str after the str = line so you can see if it picks up the value.
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