Should I switch to IMAP?

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I'm trying to decide if I should switch to IMAP to solve the issue of old format vs new (2010) pst file format. I just got bit by the limited file size with the old format. I know with 2010 I can create a new profile and it will create a new pst for me (in the new format) and I can then import everything to it, but I wonder if IMAP would fix that issue and also provide a built-in backup solution too.

The thing is, I do not meet any of the criteria for which IMAP was invented. My MO is pure POP with a single desktop reading ATT/Yahoo email, period; No other devices in play. If I want to check email from a hotel (very rare), I can login to my Yahoo acct. I'm hesitant to switch to a more complex and exotic system with perhaps some unintended consequences. For example, after converting my wife's laptop to IMAP after the acquisition of an iPad, we have had intermittent and very annoying spates of warning messages about the IMAP connection closing due to a time out after only seconds of idle time. This will continue for weeks, then suddenly stop, only to reappear a week later. Also, with IMAP, is it easier for the NSA to scrutinize my email content? I don't need them critizing my poor grammar and spelling.

Suggestions on moving to IMAP for a single PC?
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