Desperate for Help with Outlook custom form

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Outlook version
Outlook 2010 32 bit
Email Account
Exchange Server
We have developed a custom outlook form based on a

standard meeting invite. The issue is when user sends this custom form to the

invitee they are not able to see the custom form and it reverts to a standard

out of box meeting invite. I have already tried a whole bunch of things and now

running out of options. The form is published in Org Form Library where every user have access to.

The test accounts, live accounts, and the public folder for outlook form library are on Exchange 2010.

The forms are not using caching as it have been disabled already while development. So it always look for a fresh copy of the form.

I created my another custom form with just one control and tested, but the result was the same, it doesn’t show content at the receiving end. Sometime it shows in Inbox item but when you open in calendar item the custom tab is gone.
I added some code to check for each item in the calendar if it’s using the right Message Class and it also didn’t yield any result. I don't have much of time and any quick reply will be very very helpful. thanks in advance
I also tried with Send with Form Definition Option under proerpties under design this form under developer tab but no result. it still doesn't show up at the receiver end. anything on google about the custom form not showing up at the receiver end has been tried but nothing seems to work. please help

Not open for further replies.