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I have my Outlook 2010 fonts set to Verdana 10. Suddenly today on composing a new msg or forwarding a msg, the font (still Verdana) is perhaps 2 font sizes larger. Checking the Format tab in create or forward mode shows Verdana/10 still set as default. If I manually reduce the fonts (-2x I think) to what looks like 10, on receipt of the msg, the font is too small.

If I send the new email or forward an email with text I've added but leave it at the "too large" format, on receipt it looks fine at 10.

Any idea what's going on? Are fonts stored local to Outlook or in a central MS location in the O.S.? Maybe they were corrupted?

2nd question: Can you recommend a good free Outlook 2010 tutorial that explains all the settings in File-->Options ? I have no idea what half of them mean.

Thank you!
Whoops, had no idea there was a zoom feature. Slap head. It was set to 200%. Have ave no idea how it got set.

I will eagerly await your tutorial.

Thank you!
LOL. I think most people turn zoom on with control + mouse scroll - although I could be wrong because no one can remember how they did it. :)

BTW, if the zoom setting doesn't stick when composing messages, start a new message, change the zoom then close the message without sending.
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