Selection of Send-From Account with Template VBA Shortcut

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Hi, all! I'd have to imagine that this should be a fairly easy question for those who know anything more than I do (which isn't saying a whole lot).

I am trying to get some shortcut buttons in a custom Outlook ribbon tab/group that I've created, and I understand how to do that as well as assign macros to those new buttons I'll be putting there. I am using the following macro to call up an OFT template to prepare it for sending:

Sub OpenCustomTemplate()
  Set newItem = Application.CreateItemFromTemplate("C:\Users\Me\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Templates\Initial Instructor Paperwork Send.oft")
End Sub

My problem is this: I have two exchange accounts on our server - one in my name (, and the other in the name of a specific department I coordinate ( The departmental account was recently tied to my profile, so the "default" account is the one under my name. Is there anything I can add to that code so as to force the newItem to default to being sent from departmentname rather than from myname? When I call up the template using the above code, it always defaults to sending from myname. I know I can always hit the "From" button in the template once it's called up, but if I can automate it, it would be better for me.

Any ideas?

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