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I think I know the answer to this but would just like some confirmation.

I want to archive manually, not auto. However, I will only want to archive select folders in my Inbox. Since the manual archive does not let me select multiple folders to archive, I have to do multiple archiving cycles to get them all. And just selecting the Inbox gets all the subfolders as well, which would include folders I do not need archived and thus need to be moved back out.

But if I went to the folder's properties and to its auto archiving tab and select 'Archive items in this folder using the default settings' BUT do not enable autoarchiving in the default settings, I could then in the manual archive select 'Archive all folders according to their autoarchive settings' to manually archive only those folders I had set to autoarchive.

The question is would this work as I hope? And would some sort of autoarchiving still take place because I am using the default autoarchive settings for a given folder but just have not told it how often to autoarchive, so it therefore picks some default time span to do it?

Is that clear as mud?

Thanks in advance.

Well, I think I have my own answer in that it will not work. Once you select the use of autoarchiving in the manual archive window, you no longer can pick the starting date and it goes to the auto archive settings which is a time frame, i.e. older than 6 months, rather than a date older than.

I have a new thought on organization of my folders that will probably be a better route to go anyways.


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