Filtering exclusive imported contacts

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Outlook 2010 32 bit
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Exchange Server
I am about to import a contact list from another Outlook 2010 user and many will be the same as those I already have and will be merged; however, there will be unique ones in my contact list and there will be unique ones in their list.

What I would like to do is to be able to filter to find the uniques in both lists, perhaps by re-setting a category, so we can both assess the relative net-gains of the merge.

Any thoughts on how to do this?
Found I could do this easily with advanced filters. :)
Another option, if you want to compare after the import, is to assign categories to one set of contact - say a category called "Imported". In a csv, add a column called Categories and fill it. Or... select all of the current contacts and assign them to "Original" category. If Outlook is set to check for duplicates, it should alert you each time there is a match, which is annoying if you have a lot of contacts.
Thanks for the reply.

I have about 700 contacts and they will be around the same. I'm guessing that at least 60% (maybe 75%) will be the same contact perhaps with different levels of information. We may also have our own 'notes' in the notes field too.
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