Incoming invites to my imap account does not sync to

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They are working on a number of things to make better but I'm not sure about this issue. I'll see what I can find out.

If you add a note to the body or add a category, will it sync it?
They are working on a number of things to make better but I'm not sure about this issue. I'll see what I can find out.

If you add a note to the body or add a category, will it sync it?

I tried that, but it doesn't work, either.

I'm having this exact same problem, having just "upgraded". Very frustrating.

Has there been any progress on a solution?
I see that the last reply is fro last July. Is there any solution to this. I have it on my desktop exactly as described by Magnus and it is driving me crazy. Is there any solution?
Meeting requests are a problem - sometimes they will sync if you add a category or some text in the note field and save. They are working on some improvements but I have no ETA - I'm not expecting it anytime soon though.
Hi Diane, Thank you for following such old post. The categories do not make any difference for me. So far anything I do with that appointment does not make any difference in making it sync. Because it is such a specific issue (it only happens to invites through outside e-mail), I imagine that it shall be relatively straightforward issue. But I guess someone in MS would have to care.
As it is this alone issue makes Outlook useless for people with external e-mail. If I cannot count on Outlook to sync appointments, I am asking for trouble to overschedule or miss appointments. I am mostly out of office, and if I cannot trust Outlook to sync my appointments with my phone it is useless.
Using outlook e-mail does not work for business users with their e-mails and it seems that there is no other workaround.
Let me know if you know of a solution how to get around this issue.
It's not a good situation, but it's also not simple to fix. They are working on a solution for this and a whole host of other issues. If you forward the meetings to and accept them in, it should work.
Is there any update on this issue? I am having the same problem with a similar setup. Running Outlook 2010 on one PC and everything works as expected. On the Surface where I am running Outlook 2013, incoming meeting invitations appear to go to the right calendar, but they do not sync w/ Contacts are also not syncing properly - they transfer over but then a bunch of duplicates are created.
It's a known issue with EAS accounts. It'll work with 2010 because the connector uses deltasync. It will be fixed when your account moves to office365 sometime later this year. When it is moved you'll set up the account as an exchange account - the connector will stop working in Outlook 2010.
This thread has not had any responses to it for a while, but since the migration is almost finished for the users, I need assistance. I have created a new account that is on the new servers (Outlook Mail at the top). My email for work is handled by a local company and I retrieve emails via IMAP. I have the imap account set up and working fine. My account was added by entering the simple settings and allowing the automatic configuration in outlook 2013. My IMAP account is set as the default email account and my account is set as my default data file. I have migrated all my contacts and calendar items to the account and appears to be syncing just fine. Here is my dilemma:
When I create an appointment from a received email in my IMAP account, it added it to the (this computer only) calendar that was apparently associated with the IMAP account. I followed your instructions for removing them from the folder list. This worked fine, but now when I try to add an appointment from and email or accept an invitation, I get the message that the calendar could not be found. I noticed that my account is an .ost file. I thought the new server accounts were going to be exchange data files? Anyways, can you help me resolve this issue of not getting all my invites and new meetings to the calendar.


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