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Hi, i get below error message when trying to move emails into Archive folder.

"Cannot move the items. The item cannot be moved. It was either already moved or deleted, or access was denied."

I'm using Outlook 2007, I access it via Citrix server. .pst files with archive are kept on network drive.

The error only occurs for some of the emails, there seems to be no rule regarding size, user, date or whatever. It worked fine for about 1,5 year I've been working with it, and a couple months ago I started getting this error, there didn't seem to be any major changes in how Outlook is set up. I tried creating new .pst file, but it doesn't make any difference which .pst file I try to use.

I will very much appreciate any suggestions that may help fixing this.

How large is the pst file? This error can occur if you are near 1.9 GB and are using the old ANSI pst format. It should only occur when you try to move things to the old, full pst though.

Is the pst on the same server as outlook? Network access is not supported and can corrupt pst files. Also, only one outlook can use a pst as once and if another person is trying to use it, or you are signed into 2 citrix sessions, this error can occur. Try running scanpst on the pst and see if that helps. (Make a copy of the pst first.)
Thank you for advice Diane.

I've tried different .pst files, including brand new ones, but the results are the same. It's very strange that only certain emails cannot be moved, other than that I can open old .pst files and access emails stored there without problems.
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