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I run my own business and have my own contacts in Outlook but recently I began to subcontract to another firm and we merged our two lists into one.

Before doing this I set categories to show the source of the contact.

What I would like to do now it to run some kind of query against the two original lists and generate three outputs (could be additional categories):

Unique to my list

Unique to their list

Common contacts

Any thoughts on how to do this?


Outlook 2010 32BIT
Bumping this question but for Office 365 Outlook.

I have my primary contact list, and another that I have mailed and cleansed. I don't want to use an automerge as this has caused me many, many problems in the past but would like to compare the two and manually change my master list.
You have a couple of options:

Create a view that shows only those contacts in category 1. Use a list view (like phone number view), remove the fields you don't need, select all, copy and paste into Excel. Repeat with the other category. If you just want to look at them in outlook and get totals etc, you can save the filtered views and apply them as needed. Views only work on one folder at a time, but you can do a category search instead.

Or, skip the two filtered views and either export to excel or select all, copy and paste into Excel - then work with the data in excel. If you use multiple folders, repeat it for each folder.
Thanks, Diane.

I was hoping to code something but I guess Excel is the right way to go as it's a one-off job (I hope). :)
Even if its not one off, it might still be faster to work in Excel - the time you spend testing it could negate any savings. And yes, i've written macros that weren't very 'cost effective' - because the fun of doing something sometimes outweighs everything. :)

Basically, what you want is a macro that lists (or counts) all contacts in cat1, then all in cat2, and a list of all in both categories? For that, filters and view should work - and keep you in outlook. It you need more data massaging, excel.

This should show all contacts in the category:

and all in both these:
category:=("category") AND category:=("Green")

Totals will be in the status bar. It will be faster than using a macro to count - and if you need and the search criteria is replaced by new MRU searches, you could use a macro to set the search.
Thanks. And, yes, I have also got carried away with coding just for the fun of it.

Appreciate the help. :)
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