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I have an Excel file containing contacts I want to import into Outlook 2003. I have tried to import them via the Outlook import/export function, but nothing happens.

I go to File> Import & Export Wizard. That opens the wizard (which I'm sure I've used before successfully).

It displays "Choose an action to perform". I select "Import from another program or file", then click "next".

I select "Microsoft Excel", and click "next". Nothing happens. Absolutely nothing.

I've also tried other selections, like "tab separated values (windows)" with the same result. Nothing happens.

All I can do is hit "cancel"

This is really frustrating because I've spent literally tens of hours creating an excel file with the intended purpose of importing it into Outlook contacts.

Any ideas or solutions?


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Hmmm. Outlook 2003. I wonder if the translators are installed. Go to Control panel, find 'add remove programs' and select office and click Change. Check the custom install options and install everything for outlook.

Thanks for your reply, Diane. Sorry for my slow response. I tried that. It asked me to install my Office 2003 installation disk, which I did. Then I got an error that said something like "that disk does not match the Office installation".

But it's the only Office 2003 disk I've ever had so it has to be the right one. I spoke to an IT friend and he said pretty much the only option he knows of is to do a complete Office uninstall and then do a full reinstall. He said all my data would be OK, but he's not sure if the function "Save My Settings" would work or not.

I'm not relishing the idea of doing a complete uninstall and reinstall and then hoping my Outlook pst and archive pst files will be all OK, but it may be my only option.

Diane Poremsky

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the data won't be touched if you are only uninstalling office. I'm guessing that updates are causing the problems with repair since they are newer.
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