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The organisation I work for has a PayPal account to accept payments from customers. When a payment has been made, PayPal sends us an email with details of the customer's name, email address, amount paid etc.

We would like to do the following;

1. From the PayPal message, extract the transaction date, customer's name, email address, item purchased, item number and amount paid.

2. The details extracted are then pasted into a template to form a receipt cum invoice. The template will have a logo, possibly a "PAID" watermark and certain text required to meet local tax laws.

3. The receipt/invoice is then saved and emailed to the customer.

We would want this all to happen automatically ie upon receipt of the PayPal email.

Would this be possible, and if so, could you please suggest a source for suitable and adaptable scripts? I found this on your site but I think only a small part of it would be suitable;

Though I have some experience setting up macros in Excel, I am prepared to give it a go.
Yes, it's possible. Are you using an attached document or an email as the receipt?
You need to use a regex to grab the values and can use bookmarks in the template to insert them.

I receive reminders from a google calendar and use a regex to grab the information from the email and send it to bookmarks in word to create a pdf invoice. I have to select the reminder and add the pdf to the email message which it creates.

Bookmark sample:

This is the regex i use to get values from an email and save to a global variable. It could easily be converted to a script to use in a rule. If you get multiple receipt messages at once, you'll probably need to have all the code in one macro and not use global values.

    Dim strSubject, strNote, strName, strTo, strDate, strFirst As String 
Sub InvoiceGoogleInvite() 
    Dim olMail As Outlook.MailItem 
    Dim Reg1 As RegExp 
    Dim M1 As MatchCollection 
    Dim M As Match 
    Dim strResult(4) As String 
    Dim strTest(4) As String 
   Set olMail = Application.ActiveExplorer().Selection(1)
  If InStr(1, olMail.To, "Google Calendar") > 0 Then 
       MsgBox ("Not a Google Calendar Reminder") 
       Exit Sub 
    End If 
   Set Reg1 = New RegExp 
For i = 1 To 4 
strResult(i) = "" 
With Reg1 
    Select Case i 
    Case 1 
        .Pattern = "(Attendees\s*[:]\s*(.*)\((.*[@].*)\)\s*)\n\s*" 
        .Global = False 
   Case 2 
       .Pattern = "(Note from (.*)[:]\s*(.*))\n" 
       .Global = False 
   Case 3 
       .Pattern = "(When\s*((.*)(.*)[Eastern]))\s*\n" 
       .Global = False 
    Case 4 
        .Pattern = "(-\s*(.*)(.*))\n" 
        .Global = False 
   End Select 
End With 
    If Reg1.test(olMail.Body) Then 
       Set M1 = Reg1.Execute(olMail.Body) 
        For Each M In M1 
            strResult(i) = M.SubMatches(1) 
            strTest(i) = M.SubMatches(2) 
        strName = Replace(strResult(1), vbTab, "") ' Trim(strResult(1)) 
         strTo = Replace(strTest(1), vbTab, "") ' Trim(strTest(1)) 
         strNote = Replace(strTest(2), vbTab, "") ' Trim(strTest(2)) 
         strDate = Replace(strResult(3), vbTab, "") ' Trim(strResult(3)) 
         strSubject = Replace(strResult(4), vbTab, "") ' Trim(strResult(4)) 
        'Replace(strResult(2), vbTab, "") 
    End If 
Next i 
Dim nn, mm As Variant 
nn = InStr(1, strName, " ") 
strFirst = Left(strName, nn) 
mm = InStr(1, strTo, "<") 
strTo = Left(strTo, mm - 2) 
Debug.Print strName 
Debug.Print strTo 
Debug.Print strNote 
Debug.Print strDate 
Debug.Print strSubject 
Set Reg1 = Nothing 
' pass the values to a macro to create invoices 
End Sub
Thanks Diane.

This gives me something to work with, though it looks pretty daunting.

After I posted my initial query, I played around with a PayPal email message by copying the whole body and pasted it into an Excel spreadsheet. A second spreadsheet referencing the cells in the first, along with a logo and other text, gave me an acceptable form of receipt/invoice to send as an attachment.

I wanted to record a macro in Outlook but there doesn't seem a way to do this. The macro would copy the email body, open the Excel workbook, paste the data, save the workbook under a new name and email the receipt/invoice.

Do you think this would be easier to implement, and if so, what would the code be to copy and paste the data?

In the meantime, I'll try and interpret the script you have kindly given and see how far I get.

Thanks again.
Outlook doesn't have a macro recorder - you can use word and tweak the code to work in outlook.

I didn't have a chance today to write up an invoicing article, but it should work for you - sending a pdf is better than sending a spreadsheet (which is more easily edited). Word can save as a pdf. Or you may be able to do the invoice in an email, no attachment.
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