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I am sure the above title is no surprise to many in this forum!

I am running Outlook 2007 on a Windows 7 64 Bit operating system.

I have had a couple of issues with the power to my computer - the power lead is a bit dodgy and a couple of times the computer has shut down due to lack of power - and I get the 'windows has had an unexpected shutdown etc' message (not sure if this is part of the problem or not.)

So I went to start outlook the other day and got the 'Cannot start Microsoft office outlook. Cannot open the outlook window. The set of folders cannot be opened. Errors have been detected in the file.

I found and ran the scanpst.exe file but still Outlook would not run - giving the same message.

The top and tail of the .log file here....

Microsoft (R) Inbox Repair Tool
Copyright (C) Microsoft Corp 1995-1996. All rights reserved.
**Beginning NDB recovery
**Attempting to open database
**Attempting to validate header
**Attempting to validate AMap
!!AMap page <@17408> has csFree of 0, but should have 56
!!AMap page <@271360> has csFree of 0, but should have 42
!!AMap page <@779264> has csFree of 0, but should have 71

!!Contents Table for F622, row doesn't match sub-object:
irow = 6, RowID = 608D04
!!Contents Table for F662, row doesn't match sub-object:
irow = 0, RowID = 60CA64
**Attempting to locate any orphaned folders/messages
**Performing final HMP validation
**Attempting to check top-level objects for consistency
??Deleting SDO
**Updating folder hierarchy
**Attempting to fix original file
**Attempting to copy back BBT
**Attempting to copy back NBT

I also ran the 'scandisk.exe' but Outlook still not running.

I downloaded a program called 'Kernel For PST Repair' and ran it - but it only seems to bring back really really old emails.

I tried renaming the outlook files so outlook would look for a different .pst file - but no good.

I have goggled quite a lot but just not seeming to make any headway.

My outlook.pst file is just over 7GB - yes time for a cleanout.

Any ideas appreciated.

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