How best to track OUTGOING referrals?

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Hi, I'm very new to MS BCM.

I need to track referrals and can see that a default Opportunity can be used to track an incoming referral from a third party Account using the "Initiated By" field. However, I also need to track all outgoing referrals.

So if I create a new Opportunity, the "Link to" is my client who I referred, the "Initiated by" is me as the referror. But how do I track it to the third party to whom I referred my client since I cannot put this third party as "Assigned to"?

I am thinking I need to create a custom Opportunity called "Referrals Made/Received" and somehow connect the outgoing referrals to certain Accounts, and somehow be able to see all referrals I made to those Accounts in the Account record and/or in a report.

Thanks in advance for any tips.
That is a tough one. I think you are correct, that you'll need to make a new opportunity. But, if the Accounts are the places you referred people to, one possibility is to make the referrers contacts within that Account.
Hi Diane, thanks for responding. So what I've done is added to the Opportunity form a custom field called "Person referred by/to" as a relationship data type and a destination field name called "Referrals Made/Received (destination record type is All Contact Types for now). This seems to work well. If I refer Joe to Tom, then Tom's Business Contact has a table at the bottom titled "referrals made/received" and shows Joe as a contact who was referred to Tom. I had to create another field called "referral direction" dropdown to show whether Tom referred Joe to me, or I referred Joe to Tom.

The only remaining issue is that the "referrals made/received" table is auto generated and not customizable, so I cannot see the "referral direction" field in the table in Tom's business record. I expect I will be able to generate a report that shows all incoming and outgoing referrals.

Last question: you mentioned needing to make a new opportunity. But as I understand it, we cannot create a "new" separate type of opportunity form, only customize the one standard "opportunity" form. It appears only Accounts, Leads, and Business Contacts can have multiple "types" of forms available (e.g., Clients, Vendors, etc.) . Am I incorrect on that?
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