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I created a WebDAV server, which syncs the events user post in the calendar. A simple PHP parser even reads the data (published or edited) and pushes the update back to all users. My problem is how to connect the clients with the published events.

1. Analyze the event description, trying to search for keywords and identify for which client does the user post a meeting (not cool - too much effort for a simple task);
2. Create a database with most common typos and locate the actual name there;
3. I don't use the input for Location - I can ask them to write the client's name there; but there may be typos, which would result in not connecting the user input to an actual client in the database;

So I was wondering - is there a way to "push" a predefined list of locations to the users, so that they can choose from them? This way the chance of a typo is much smaller...

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No, not really, not using native features. The list is an MRU and is stored in the registry - you could use a logon script to restore it daily, but it only holds 10 names.

You could do something with a macro or custom form that gets the names from a database file, csv, excel etc.
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