Struggling to send team email

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Outlook 2013 32 bit
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Exchange Server
Please help!!!!!

I already have outlook2013 on my computer Windows 8, and I have a default email k******** I recently started a football tipping comp and wanted to send the tips/results by email to about 20 people, so I created an account on website and added the account with outlook 2013. The email was no bigger than 40 kb(excel spreadsheet), but when I selected around 18 recipients it would go to the outbox and try to send, I would watch the progress bar and it would say completed but it would stay in my outbox. I then opened the email and sent it with my default email and it sent no problem. The only add in I have is KU tools, and I have bullguard antivirus. I can receive emails and sometimes I can send to about 5 people, please help.

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