Wishlist Drag and drop email to a calendar date

Do you / did you drag messages to the calendar to create appointments on a specific date?

  • Yes, all the time. I miss it.

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  • Yes, some times. I don't really miss it and found other ways to cope.

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  • You could do that? Wow. It sounds like a neat feature.

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  • No. I knew I could do it but preferred other methods.

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I'm pretty sure I had a poll for this problem back in the Outlook 2013 beta days, but with the move to the new forum software, it was lost so I'll start a new one for "Outlook Next". (Sorry, the new forum software won't allow votes from guests so you need to register to vote. )

Did you use this feature and do you want it to come back?

In Outlook 2010 I often drag and drop emails to a certain date in the calendar to-do pane. In Outlook 2013 I am not able to do that.

This was one of my favorite time-saving features. Drag a message to a date the small navigation calendars in the To-Do Bar to create a new appointment for that date. The time defaulted to the start of your workday time, but it was convenient to have the date field set for you.

With the change from the To-do Bar to the Calendar Peeks, they changed the calendar control and broke this feature. (The navigation calendars in the Calendar module use the old control and you can still drag email to it. But you need the calendar open in a separate window.)

Original thread in Microsoft Answers: Cannot drag and drop emails to calendar date
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