All Events Disappear from Calendar Display

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Not to insult you, but are you sure that the calendar settings are stored in this PST? Sorry, just brainstorming here....
The rest of my Office Suite is Office 2010. I didn't mention that before, in case that's relevant.
Normally when you use iCloud, it sucks everything into the iCloud - that is what syncs to the iphones. if you have the appointments that triggered this on your phone, then it sounds like you added them to the iCloud, not to the outlook folder.
Ok. Still, the backup restore failed. Why did that not work? Could there be a glitch in the registry? Are any calendar settings stored somewhere else?
Well, my thought is that it is not in the pst and is actually in the icloud data file - that would account for having it on the phone. Can you post a screenshot of the calendar navigation pane?
I'm not sure what the navigation page is, so I'll give you a shot of the whole thing.
Are you saying that the problem causing the non-display of events in Outlook exists in the cloud?


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I'm not sure what is causing the problem, but I know if you are using the iCloud addin to sync with the phone, it sucks the contacts and appointments out of outlook and into it's own folders.

Ok... the screenshot tells me that you are using the calendar in the iCloud. So changing the pst was a waste of time, the appointments were not in it. I'm not sure if cleanviews works on the iCloud folders or where views are stored for this and because the status bar says 139 items instead of filtered, it's safe to say there is not a filter applied.

I would open the iCloud control panel and sign out then sign back in - might need to stick some voodoo pins in an Apple as you do it during a full moon with your eyes crossed. lol.

This will remove the iCloud database and create a new one and resync everything. And hopefully (if the spell worked :)), the view will work again. When you sign out it will offer to make a local copy of the appointments and contacts. it looks like you've done that before and as long as you plan to keep using the iCloud and everything is on the phone, you don't need to make a local copy.
Outlook 2007 Calendar Page.jpg
YES! YES! YES! This works. The voodoo was successful. The calendar display came right back up after logging back in and letting the iCloud finish its thing. Thank you so much for your help.

I did end up with multiple folders of contacts: Contacts from the iCloud, Contacts in iCLoud, Local Contacts in iCloud. The one that’s the most correct is the Contacts from iCloud, but I have no idea why all of these are separated out. It’s almost as bad as the 8 or 10 calendars I have, but the one I need there is the Calendar in iCloud.

Anyway, I still have no idea what I did to trigger this, but thanks again for all of your help. I was going to call Apple myself today if you hadn’t solved it, but that usually results in a lot of finger pointing. (“No, this is a Microsoft issue…”).


I have no idea what would have triggered it.

If the contacts are all in the iCloud's Contacts folders, you can delete the iCloud folders in the pst file that it made as backup. That will eliminate confusion.
I have all sorts of duplicates in my contacts since we re-synced. Which of these "Contact" folders can I safely delete? The 'Contacts from iCloud' seems to have the best data via eyeball-ometric. They seem to be right. See the attached image. "Contacts" and "Contacts in personal folder" are both already empty.


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Go to the Folder list (Ctrl+6 or the Folder button on the navigation bar) - this will allow you to see where the folders are. Contacts in iCloud and Local Contacts in iCloud should be what sync your devices. Everything else should be in your pst files - either the mailbox file or the archives. If the ones in the iCloud are missing contacts move the contacts into the Contacts in iCloud folder.

I'm not sure what the diff is between those two 'in icloud' folders but compare them and delete contacts that are duplicated.
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