Wishlist A built in Archiving system that allowed storage of messages on a normal file server

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Fozzie Bear

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Most small businesses face the same problem of mailbox sizes. They use their mailbox as a filing system creating numerous folders and storing away emails until they get an automated message from the "Postmaster" saying they are approaching their mailbox threshold. Most are also unaware that it effect their email stability and response times and that they have an ever growing .pst file on their local hard drive.

There are third party archiving solutions but most of these are for large corporations or companies using their own exchange servers. What is desperately required is a way to store emails on a file server from within Outlook so they are readily accessible but do not count toward the mailbox size or affect synchronisation of mail.
Yes you can easily create new local .pst files to use for storage but they are not accessible by other users and are generally not backed due to the .pst file being locked when Outlook is open. It is generally thought a bad idea to store PST files on a server, so what is needed is a new way of storing live emails outside of outlook but still accessible within the application.

Diane Poremsky

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I know it's really popular to store email on the hard drive in msg format (I think i answered 3 questions about it just today) but it should be discouraged - either keep the mail in a pst or archive it in a universal format, like pdf.

The commercial systems usually save the messages in eml format, which can be opened in notepad if outlook or windows mail is not available.
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