Custom Search Folders deleted, /resetnavpane, can i restore? How?

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Good afternoon. I have posted this question in Technet and would like to also post it here.

Here is the Link to that Forum Post:

I will try to keep both forums up to date as i work through this issue:
Here is the scenario:

I have a coworker who is a power user in outlook. He is currently using Outlook 2013 64bit and he is connected to out Exchange server via OWA and local TCP/IP. We are running Exchange 2010. (not exactly sure about updates status, as I am a DST and that is more the SA/EA in out IT department)
during a time where he was working from remote, he could not connect to the exchange server. He could on his tablet and his phone (tablet is running windows 10 TechPreview, personal tablet, Phone running windows phone 8.1)
I remoted into his computer, and for the life of me i could not resolve this issue, I could confirm that Outlook ran as expected and launched quickly in safe mode, but even with all of the add-ons disabled would no launch normally. I cleared out his inbox into a test folder, and this did not work. So i ran the switch /resetnavpane as this was suggested across multiple forums to resolve startup issues.
... here is where it gets crazy....
ALL of his custom searches and defined favorites in outlook are gone.... across his entire Exchange profile.
This was NOT expected, he had several very intricately defined custom searches (he is our CFO) and recovering them is very important. So i have racked my brain, done searches for days, and am currently trying to restore his Exchange profile from backup.
My question:
Where is this information stored???? Where does Exchange keep it?
I KNOW it is not on his XML files (because I backed them up prior to running this command) and I am pretty sure (after a lot of attempts with third party tools) it is not in his OST. So after running it on myself, I could "watch" it clear out all of my synced profiles on all of my devices (RDS server, Laptop, Home computer, Desktop). So it has to be on the exchange profile.
ANY assistance is greatly appreciated. Thank you.

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Resetnavpane resets the navigation pane to the default setting - the Favorites section is cleared and reset to default as is the Shortcuts pane. If the missing searches were search folders on the favorites list, they just need added back to the Favorites list. Find them under Search folders, right click and choose Add to Favorites.

The settings are stored in an XML file - and can't be restored, except by restoring a backup of the file.
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