Outlook 2013 crashes saving VBA & clicking tools | digital signature

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I've posted the following in the Microsoft Community and thought perhaps, someone might have some insight into a solution to my problem.
just installed MS Office 2013 Pro 64 bit / Windows 7.
Previous version was Office 2007.
I had a single macro (small) installed on Outlook 2007 with a digital signature.
I have removed digital signature & macro, reinstalled MS Office 2013 and the same problem reoccurs.
Each time I save VBA or access tools | digital signature, Outlook 2013 crashes.
Here's what the dialog box says it is sending to Microsoft:
How can I correct this issue???
I created another user and access to Outlook 2013 was flawless.
I'm concluding that my issue is with the outlook.pst file. ??
How do I correct my problem without losing contacts, calendar appointments, etc. if the issue is in the outlook.pst file?? I did run scanpst.exe and repaired the file, but no effect on the problem.
Any guidance would be greatly appreciated.
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Microsoft do not recommend the use of 64-bit Office unless it is required because you are running very large, very complex Excel workbooks.
You might see if changing to the 32-bit version overcomes the issue.
Hope this helps,
Doug Robbins - Word MVP

Thanks for your reply is very thought provoking:
I installed the trial version of Office 2013 and fortunately, for me, the cost is just my time to install the software. If I had spent $400 for the software, only to learn 32 bit software was MS recommended, I would be livid had I purchased the 64 bit version! I am planning to purchase full version Office 2013, however, the grief I have with this issue is giving me second thoughts.
I'd be very interested in your thoughts relative to my update information above.
The issue appears to be limited to the user account that I had with Outlook 2007 with a macro and a digital signature. I have removed the digital signature certificate and the macro, yet the problem still remains.
Additionally, I removed the mail profile and created another profile. This action did not correct the problem with my "main" user account. Another created user account did not exhibit the problem.
Again, the issue is if I save VBA or attempt to access tools | digital signature, Outlook 2013 crashes.
On opening Outlook 2013, A message appears that the digital signature certificate has been tampered with. The certificate is non-existent.
I'd really need to get this resolved
If you, or some else out there, could provide recommendations to fix this issue it will be greatly appreciated.
I'm of the belief that 32 bit vs. 64 bit software is not the root cause as it works flawlessly in a newly created user account.
Please help.

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It's not necessarily the pst - it could be the VBA project file or the windows profile is corrupt.

Did you try renaming the VBAProject and making a fresh one? If you can open the editor, or copy the macros then find the OTM file %appdata%\microsoft\outlook and delete it. Restart Outlook and go into the VBAeditor and try again.
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