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Dear all

I'm struggling again with another authentication issue.
A couple of weeks ago I successfully configured BCM on a Windows 7 Station and today I performed the exact same steps. Not sure why but today I can't find a solution for this authentication issue.

Steps performed:
- BCM 32bit installed
- DB released for this user (using the local Windows Administrator user )
- connectivity test performed:
osql -E -S host\BCMDatabase,port ->> "Login failed. The Login is from an unstrusted Domain and cannot be used with Windows authentication"

What could be the cause?



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BCM shouldn't care about domains, but SQL will. Is the computer and sql host on the same domain? Were the previous ones on the same domain?

You need use (or set up SQL to use) SQL authentication, not windows auth.
The Computer and the SQL host are not on the same Domain.
But like previously mentioned, a couple of weeks ago I successfully configured another PC and no issues appeared.
The SQL Authentication was configured using the SQL Mgmt Studio.
it's trying to pass windows auth credentials for some reason but I don't know why, since it worked before. How did you add the user account to the sql host? Is it configured identical to the one you set up a couple of weeks ago.
There is an Outlook authentication in place (Domain\user) and a Windows local authentication (.\localPCadmin).
The PC is not a Domain member.
First I added the Outlook User via MSSQL Server Management Studio-> Security -> Logins -> New Login -> search user -> Domain\user
And using the DB Tool I shared the BCM Database by adding the local PC Windows Account (local PC Administrator account and PW).
And another issue just appeared: aprox a month ago I've configured BCM for an user.
The configuration went incredibly well (no issues appeared).
Yesterday BCM crashed (it happens from time to time) and the addon was deactivated.
When trying to reactivate the addon and performing the configuration I bumped again into the above mentioned "Login failed" issue.
On the Server side nothing was changed.
On the Client side most probably Windows updates were installed but what could be the culprit of this authentication issue?
Any ideas/Workarounds ?
Most probably I will test and redo the configuration from scratch because I can't identify the root cause.
Back to the test lab ...
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